Round the Earth, PSI promotes health care networks — both from the general public and private sectors — which provide critical health care services for girls and their households. Among the methods that we provide services is by way of social advertising.

PSI enables girls and women to create healthcare decisions which are most appropriate for their requirements by providing a variety of health services along with cadres of healthcare in the local and community levels. With the target towards leading to the Sustainable Development aims of Universal Health Coverage, PSI tries to better form health care markets.

PSI strategies Social franchising targets

Social franchising targets exploiting the private health industry to supply affordable, dependable and higher quality solutions to millions. We operate with fragmented, individual, (predominately) personal healthcare centers and pharmacies to fortify and optimize their health effect. The outcome is a combined, burgeoning private health program, where girls and their families may get quality-assured services. By working together with the private industry, we’re leveraging the huge resources embedded within their current function, to expand access to top excellent health services and attain larger scale.

PSI strategies the growth of healthcare networks by beginning with a profound comprehension of market growth and social and behaviour change. This comprehensive investigation of our target customer and the way markets could be bolstered helps us form the manner by which we encourage both the private sector to bring about health systems strengthening. What sets us apart is our commitment to understanding our goal customers’ behaviours and to creating solutions to satisfy their demands. What remains constant is the unwavering dedication to attaining and maintaining quality solutions, at costs which are cheap for girls and their households.

Leveraging over two years of leadership within social media, PSI has been pushing the bounds of the strategy in response to rapidly expanding growing state health economies, medical and digital engineering. In most markets, customers’ tastes and behaviours are changing, engineering and its ubiquity continues to grow, the personal health industry would like to serve its clients, and authorities are working towards the evolution of strategic buying mechanisms and international health care. Within this dynamic environment, PSI is evolving how it functions with private suppliers, to foster more private business participation within a combined health program, together with all the vision of universal health care.

Address market failures to enhance the standard of healthcare
Consolidate and modulate quality in private industry practices and physicians

Support systems to eventually become a part of the wider health system, thus enhancing referral mechanisms and leading UHC

payers receive aid to expand and grow accessibility to loans and enhancing their own business acumen

Permit clinics to give quality assured services via in-service trainings and encouraging oversight.

Reach underserved people through demand side subsidies who might not otherwise have easy access to affordable healthcare

Support requirement creation and marketing activities to reach customers, thus enhancing national health indexes

Supply reliable access to reduce cost, higher quality medications and reducing workouts.

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